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The Tube Frame Banner is designed with a 2" wide lightweight, professional-grade aluminum frame. Simply "click" the button to lock and unlock at the four joints. Slip the pillow case banner, which is printable on front and back, and add feet (23” wide) for an instant back wall. It’s easily set up and taken down within minutes. The banner stays on the frame with velcro fasteners and can be interchanged in minutes. The frame and the banner breakdown and store into a bag the size of an ordinary duffle. It’s easy to carry and easy to assemble. Spotlight attachment and travel case are available. The banner graphic is interchangeable and can be printed on both sides. The hardware carries a lifetime guarantee.

All Tube Frame banners are custom-made to order. The price shown is based on print-ready artwork being provided to us. To pre-order please select from the available options. We will contact you to confirm pricing and finalize your order within 48 hours of receiving the pre-order and reviewing your artwork. You will not be charged when placing your pre-order.

Tube Frame banner artwork should be at least 150 pixels/inch at the size selected with all images embedded and text outlined. Please name your files with your company name and date. Click here to upload your artwork.

For more information, call 1-800-308-3120 or email us.

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