Wall merchandising rack is adjustable to accommodate shelves and hang bars. A standard unit includes the chrome base frame in a satin finish, shelves and/or hang bars giving you ample accessories to configure the display best suited for your product.

Base Frame: 50” x 96” x 16”

Shelf: 48” x 12”

Hang Bar: 48”

The price shown is for a minimum 7-day rental, and includes delivery, installation and removal. It is based on orders confirmed 4 weeks before delivery is required. To pre-order please select from the available options. We will contact you to confirm pricing and finalize your order within 48 hours of receiving the pre-order. You will not be charged when placing your pre-order.

For more information, call 1-800-308-3120 or email us.

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Jollybrowne U50 Rack
Jollybrowne U50 Rack 2